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Nioxin vs. Propecia

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It seems like the major complaint with Propecia is that it is a drug that alters the body’s chemistry. Everyone wants something easy to use and is looking for the magic bullet. We can search high and low for that magic bullet but so far we haven’t had any luck finding it. There are possible side effects with Propecia, everyone knows this. The thing is, a very low percentage of people using the drug ever experience any of these side effects. Now we get asked all the time about shampoos and the like. One very popular hair loss shampoo is Nioxin. In this article we are going to compare Nioxin to Propecia and discuss whether you should buy this product or not.Nioxin Hair Shampoo Systems

Treatment with Propecia:

In our other posts we have talked a lot about the treatment of hair loss with Propecia. As you probably know if you’ve read one of those other posts, it is one of the few FDA approved methods for curing hair loss. Another stat that is handy is that 85% of users have results with this drug. So that’s over 8 in 10 people, your chances are pretty good there. You take a Propecia tablet one time a day. This tablet contains 1 mg of the stuff. Keep in mind that if you are completely bald this probably isn’t going to regrow all that lost hair unless you are really lucky. But if you still have a modest amount of hair it will help it from falling out and you may even get some nice regrowth.

Treatment with Nioxin:

First of all, Nioxin is a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment. That is if you buy the 3 in 1 bundle that they offer. We would suggest using all three if you really want to give their product a go. Honestly we have never heard of a shampoo applied topically yielding amazing results. But there scalp treatment may have something to it. It is stocked full of ingredients some of which have clinical data that shows some effectiveness in blocking scalp DHT. Where Nioxin really shines though, is its ability to make remaining hair look full, thick, and healthy. More than a hair loss product, this is a beauty product. If you’re beginning to lose your hair getting a prescription for Propecia isn’t a bad idea. Buying Nioxin isn’t a bad idea either, because any hair you regrow will look that much better with these products. Another thing, if you are rich you might as well buy it because it is one more tool in your toolbelt. If you interested in Nioxin this site has a good review of the 6 different Nioxin systems.

Nioxin vs Propecia:

You can’t really compare these two. It is like comparing apples to oranges. One is a potent DHT inhibitor that works internally on the root cause of hair loss, the other is a beauty product that cosmetically enhances the hair. Would these two be good when used together? Definitely, these two used together would help your head of hair out tremendously.

Propecia vs. Saw Palmetto

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When it comes to our hair, we take a lot of care. It is a perennial problem for many women and men that they suffer hair loss. Different types of hair treatments and solutions are available in the market. Many people try to identify the best treatments for their hair to prevent hair fall, dandruff, breakage and other problems. In this article we will discuss the importance and comparison of two most powerful ingredients that helps in hair treatment for both men and women. These are Propecia and Saw palmetto. We will present a Propecia vs saw palmetto overview that would help you understand which one would suit your better

Treatment with Propecia:

The US Food and Drug Administration have approved Propecia as one of the leading methods of hair loss problems in men especially. This is a drug that helps in rebuilding the hair growth. The pharmaceutical company Merck introduced Propecia in 1997 as the new finasteride. 1mg of Propecia has proved to solve male pattern baldness. The hair loss treatment by this drug is primarily related to the effects of the Finasteride. The implementation of this drug yielded fantastic results where men using this drug for two years either completely stopped any hair fall or started growing new hair. The 1mg tablet of Propecia was then introduced as hair loss treatment in the market.

Treatment with Saw Palmetto:

One the contrary saw palmetto is a herbal supplement, purely natural that helps in fighting hair loss problems. Previously this was also used for men’s hair fall treatment. But it was seen that women with androgen driven hair loss can use saw palmetto to stop hair fall and grow new hair. This herbal supplement can only offer remedy to women with androgen driven hair loss problem and nothing else. So it has its restrictions. But for AGA related issues saw palmetto works wonder.

Propecia vs. Saw Palmetto:

So, if we now compare these two products then we can see a few differences that are important and essential to know. To understand the Propecia vs saw palmetto differences let us check out the side effects of Propecia first. Prolonged use of Propecia decreases sexual virility and libido in men. It also gives rise to erectile dysfunction and disorder of ejaculation. The saw palmetto can only be used if the woman has hair loss from androgen disorder. It can have various other hormonal problems in men and women. So if you are thinking of using one of these make sure that you consult an expert beforehand. Check out this video for more info:

Propecia vs. Dutasteride

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What is the proper treatment for hair loss? What is the most effective? Hair loss is one the serious problems that is faced by people. Hair loss can start at any age and affects both men and women. Men have been the common targets of hair loss and are seen to be afflicted by this problem more than women. It is because of the genetic composition and the hormones working together. Men are more prone to baldness and a lot of men all over the world are fighting this problem.

The problem can be controlled and rectified to some extent if diagnosed early. There are a number of treatments available for hair loss. The treatments include hair loss drugs too. The hair loss drug Propecia has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Another drug called as Dutasteride is also being used extensively for the treatment of hair loss. But when it comes to Propecia vs Dutasteride, the choice becomes difficult. We will try to compare the two and then the problem of Propecia vs Dutasteride will become clear.

Treatment with Propecia:

PropeciaPropecia is being used extensively to treat male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Propecia works by decreasing the amount of a body hormone called as dihydro testosterone or DHT. The decrease in the concentration of this hormone causes an increase in hair growth and a decrease in hair fall. The good thing about Propecia is that it does not affect the hair growth on other parts of the body. Propecia prevents the thinning of hair that ultimately leads to male pattern baldness. Propecia does it by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydro testosterone.

Treatment with Dutasteride:

DutasterideThough the use of Dutasteride was earlier limited to treating the enlargement of the prostate gland, the drug is now being used extensively to treat hair loss. The primary cause of this was the mode of its working. Dutasteride also results in the prevention of conversion of testosterone to dihydro testosterone thus helping reduce hair loss. Though there have been claims that dutasteride is more potent than propecia but the fact that it also has more side effects has deterred many people to use dutasteride.

Propecia vs Dutasteride:

Thus we see that both the drugs are very effective when it comes to the treatment and control of hair loss. Both the drugs have the same underlying mechanism but Dutasteride having more side effects is being less preferred by the people. Though both the drugs are very effective when it comes to hair loss treatment, you should always consult a healthcare professional before taking them. For other viable treatments we suggest checking out Hold the Hairline.

How Propecia Works

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To understand how Propecia works, it is good to first appreciate the process of baldness in males (medically known as alopecia). Most hair thinning starts at puberty. This is because, at that stage, testosterone (sex hormones) in the blood stream are at all times high. These hormones not only play a dominant role in development of male physical features during puberty, but are also attributable to baldness. When the hormones combine with 5-alpha-reeducates enzymes in hair follicles, they convert into DHT hormones.How Propecia Works

In grown up males, DHT has no use, therefore the need to be discharged. They are ultimately deposited into the scalp and deprives follicles of the terminal hairs of the necessary nutrients, making them to malfunction and die off, a condition normally referred to as miniaturization. As time goes, baldness spreads. Propecia comes is taken in form of a pill and has recorded high success rate in making the hair regrow. Due to its effectiveness, it is one of the very few, if not the only one to be approved by FDA for treatment baldness. The only others that we know of is Rogaine and the Laser Comb from Hairmax, which you can read more about here.

The American Hair Loss Association recommends it as a first line defense against baldness. It works for more than 90% of males who are bald. Basically, this drug works by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reeducates enzymes. A daily dose of 1 mg Propecia reduces these enzymes by more than 60%. However, for any noticeable effect, the dose should be taken once a day, just before having the meals, for an extended period of time, one year to be specific.

In the first say six months, it is very likely for you to notice that hair continues to thin, which may due to slight delay of Propecia in making your hair regrow. Patience is necessary. Give it about one to three months before you decide to discontinue its use. When there are no noticeable effects after this period, see your doctor. For it to be highly effective, it is recommended that you use it early enough, before the hairs have died. However, when used not early enough, it can still stop the baldness from spreading.

Various clinical trials confirm the effectiveness of this pill in reducing thinning of hair and making the hair regrow. In one of the study, it stopped the progression of hair loss in 86% of the men, while it made the hair regrow in 65% of those who participated in the trial. However, the drug works on hormones present in men and is therefore unsuitable for women.

To read more about how Propecia works, kindly visit http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4587226_propecia-work.html.