Propecia vs. Dutasteride

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What is the proper treatment for hair loss? What is the most effective? Hair loss is one the serious problems that is faced by people. Hair loss can start at any age and affects both men and women. Men have been the common targets of hair loss and are seen to be afflicted by this problem more than women. It is because of the genetic composition and the hormones working together. Men are more prone to baldness and a lot of men all over the world are fighting this problem.

The problem can be controlled and rectified to some extent if diagnosed early. There are a number of treatments available for hair loss. The treatments include hair loss drugs too. The hair loss drug Propecia has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Another drug called as Dutasteride is also being used extensively for the treatment of hair loss. But when it comes to Propecia vs Dutasteride, the choice becomes difficult. We will try to compare the two and then the problem of Propecia vs Dutasteride will become clear.

Treatment with Propecia:

PropeciaPropecia is being used extensively to treat male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Propecia works by decreasing the amount of a body hormone called as dihydro testosterone or DHT. The decrease in the concentration of this hormone causes an increase in hair growth and a decrease in hair fall. The good thing about Propecia is that it does not affect the hair growth on other parts of the body. Propecia prevents the thinning of hair that ultimately leads to male pattern baldness. Propecia does it by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydro testosterone.

Treatment with Dutasteride:

DutasterideThough the use of Dutasteride was earlier limited to treating the enlargement of the prostate gland, the drug is now being used extensively to treat hair loss. The primary cause of this was the mode of its working. Dutasteride also results in the prevention of conversion of testosterone to dihydro testosterone thus helping reduce hair loss. Though there have been claims that dutasteride is more potent than propecia but the fact that it also has more side effects has deterred many people to use dutasteride.

Propecia vs Dutasteride:

Thus we see that both the drugs are very effective when it comes to the treatment and control of hair loss. Both the drugs have the same underlying mechanism but Dutasteride having more side effects is being less preferred by the people. Though both the drugs are very effective when it comes to hair loss treatment, you should always consult a healthcare professional before taking them. For other viable treatments we suggest checking out Hold the Hairline.

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