Propecia vs. Saw Palmetto

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When it comes to our hair, we take a lot of care. It is a perennial problem for many women and men that they suffer hair loss. Different types of hair treatments and solutions are available in the market. Many people try to identify the best treatments for their hair to prevent hair fall, dandruff, breakage and other problems. In this article we will discuss the importance and comparison of two most powerful ingredients that helps in hair treatment for both men and women. These are Propecia and Saw palmetto. We will present a Propecia vs saw palmetto overview that would help you understand which one would suit your better

Treatment with Propecia:

The US Food and Drug Administration have approved Propecia as one of the leading methods of hair loss problems in men especially. This is a drug that helps in rebuilding the hair growth. The pharmaceutical company Merck introduced Propecia in 1997 as the new finasteride. 1mg of Propecia has proved to solve male pattern baldness. The hair loss treatment by this drug is primarily related to the effects of the Finasteride. The implementation of this drug yielded fantastic results where men using this drug for two years either completely stopped any hair fall or started growing new hair. The 1mg tablet of Propecia was then introduced as hair loss treatment in the market.

Treatment with Saw Palmetto:

One the contrary saw palmetto is a herbal supplement, purely natural that helps in fighting hair loss problems. Previously this was also used for men’s hair fall treatment. But it was seen that women with androgen driven hair loss can use saw palmetto to stop hair fall and grow new hair. This herbal supplement can only offer remedy to women with androgen driven hair loss problem and nothing else. So it has its restrictions. But for AGA related issues saw palmetto works wonder.

Propecia vs. Saw Palmetto:

So, if we now compare these two products then we can see a few differences that are important and essential to know. To understand the Propecia vs saw palmetto differences let us check out the side effects of Propecia first. Prolonged use of Propecia decreases sexual virility and libido in men. It also gives rise to erectile dysfunction and disorder of ejaculation. The saw palmetto can only be used if the woman has hair loss from androgen disorder. It can have various other hormonal problems in men and women. So if you are thinking of using one of these make sure that you consult an expert beforehand. Check out this video for more info:

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