Nioxin vs. Propecia

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It seems like the major complaint with Propecia is that it is a drug that alters the body’s chemistry. Everyone wants something easy to use and is looking for the magic bullet. We can search high and low for that magic bullet but so far we haven’t had any luck finding it. There are possible side effects with Propecia, everyone knows this. The thing is, a very low percentage of people using the drug ever experience any of these side effects. Now we get asked all the time about shampoos and the like. One very popular hair loss shampoo is Nioxin. In this article we are going to compare Nioxin to Propecia and discuss whether you should buy this product or not.Nioxin Hair Shampoo Systems

Treatment with Propecia:

In our other posts we have talked a lot about the treatment of hair loss with Propecia. As you probably know if you’ve read one of those other posts, it is one of the few FDA approved methods for curing hair loss. Another stat that is handy is that 85% of users have results with this drug. So that’s over 8 in 10 people, your chances are pretty good there. You take a Propecia tablet one time a day. This tablet contains 1 mg of the stuff. Keep in mind that if you are completely bald this probably isn’t going to regrow all that lost hair unless you are really lucky. But if you still have a modest amount of hair it will help it from falling out and you may even get some nice regrowth.

Treatment with Nioxin:

First of all, Nioxin is a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment. That is if you buy the 3 in 1 bundle that they offer. We would suggest using all three if you really want to give their product a go. Honestly we have never heard of a shampoo applied topically yielding amazing results. But there scalp treatment may have something to it. It is stocked full of ingredients some of which have clinical data that shows some effectiveness in blocking scalp DHT. Where Nioxin really shines though, is its ability to make remaining hair look full, thick, and healthy. More than a hair loss product, this is a beauty product. If you’re beginning to lose your hair getting a prescription for Propecia isn’t a bad idea. Buying Nioxin isn’t a bad idea either, because any hair you regrow will look that much better with these products. Another thing, if you are rich you might as well buy it because it is one more tool in your toolbelt. If you interested in Nioxin this site has a good review of the 6 different Nioxin systems.

Nioxin vs Propecia:

You can’t really compare these two. It is like comparing apples to oranges. One is a potent DHT inhibitor that works internally on the root cause of hair loss, the other is a beauty product that cosmetically enhances the hair. Would these two be good when used together? Definitely, these two used together would help your head of hair out tremendously.

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