How Propecia Works

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To understand how Propecia works, it is good to first appreciate the process of baldness in males (medically known as alopecia). Most hair thinning starts at puberty. This is because, at that stage, testosterone (sex hormones) in the blood stream are at all times high. These hormones not only play a dominant role in development of male physical features during puberty, but are also attributable to baldness. When the hormones combine with 5-alpha-reeducates enzymes in hair follicles, they convert into DHT hormones.How Propecia Works

In grown up males, DHT has no use, therefore the need to be discharged. They are ultimately deposited into the scalp and deprives follicles of the terminal hairs of the necessary nutrients, making them to malfunction and die off, a condition normally referred to as miniaturization. As time goes, baldness spreads. Propecia comes is taken in form of a pill and has recorded high success rate in making the hair regrow. Due to its effectiveness, it is one of the very few, if not the only one to be approved by FDA for treatment baldness. The only others that we know of is Rogaine and the Laser Comb from Hairmax, which you can read more about here.

The American Hair Loss Association recommends it as a first line defense against baldness. It works for more than 90% of males who are bald. Basically, this drug works by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reeducates enzymes. A daily dose of 1 mg Propecia reduces these enzymes by more than 60%. However, for any noticeable effect, the dose should be taken once a day, just before having the meals, for an extended period of time, one year to be specific.

In the first say six months, it is very likely for you to notice that hair continues to thin, which may due to slight delay of Propecia in making your hair regrow. Patience is necessary. Give it about one to three months before you decide to discontinue its use. When there are no noticeable effects after this period, see your doctor. For it to be highly effective, it is recommended that you use it early enough, before the hairs have died. However, when used not early enough, it can still stop the baldness from spreading.

Various clinical trials confirm the effectiveness of this pill in reducing thinning of hair and making the hair regrow. In one of the study, it stopped the progression of hair loss in 86% of the men, while it made the hair regrow in 65% of those who participated in the trial. However, the drug works on hormones present in men and is therefore unsuitable for women.

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